MENARES contributes as Moroccan partner in the project “Linking climate change mitigation, energy security, and regional development: the performance of Austria’s Climate and Energy Model Regions” in cooperation with International Institute For Applied Systems Analysis; University of Graz, Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change; and Austrian Institute for International Affairs. (2016-2018)


Libya: Supporting Electricity Sector Reform (P154606) Task D: Strategic Plan for Renewable energy Development. Project is financed by the World Bank. MENARES is subcontractor to Intec GOPA (2017)


Scaling Solar Ethiopia: Technical, Environmental and Social Consultant; financed by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank Group. MENARES is subcontractor to SUNTRACE (2017)


“El Mostafa Jamea, PM at MENARES” is contributing in the evaluation of the Climate Parliament initiative; evaluation of SDC’s support to the Climate Parliament “Morocco’s case” (2017). Financed by the Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation.


“El Mostafa Jamea, PM at MENARES” Environmental and Social Specialist for the implementation of a solar photovoltaic project in the North Area of Jordan. (2016-2017)


MENARES contributed to the evaluation of ACCN “Adaptation to climate change and protocol of Nagoya in Morocco”, which is implemented in Morocco by GIZ “German International cooperation” in cooperation with the department of environment and the “Water and Forest Agency” between 2013 and 2018.


MENARES contributes in the ESIA study within the project “Wind and solar potential analysis and feasibility studies of power plants” in Tanzania financed by Europeaid (2015-2017).


MENARES is contributing within an international consortium in assuring technical advisory services on solar energy projects, to one of the largest solar energy developers in MENA region and Africa (2015-2016).


Study on demand and offer of services, technologies and capacity building in energy efficiency and renewable energy in Marrakesh- Safi, Rabat and Casablanca. The study focuses on renewable energy technologies; regulations, standards and legal framework; and investment opportunities related to renewable energy and energy efficiency in Morocco (2016). Client GIZ – German International Cooperation Agency.


Preliminary environmental impact assessment of two wind energy projects (100 MW and 50 MW) within the Talimarjan Transmission Project “The Assessment of Wind Power Potential Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan” according to the international and the national safeguards, with focus on the World Bank Operational Policies and the EU legislation ( 2016). Final Client World Bank.


Within the MENA Select project WP1; contribution to the “development of consistent scenarios on the country’ future power sector applying the modeling software renpass”; the 100% renewables scenario is discussed with stakeholders. Further, evaluation of different consistent energy scenarios, in particular on renewable energies. In cooperation with the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (Feb-May 2016)


Consulting project “Analysis of the Moroccan energy market, with specific focus on the power sector, energy efficiency and renewable energy sector” for an international organization (2016)


Consulting project on future of renewable energies in Africa: potential and developments scenarios (2015). Project led by Institute of Advanced Sustainability Studies – Potsdam, Germany.


Local support (Morocco) to Integration International Management consultants GmbH within the EIB funded project “TA Support to seed accelerators in the FEMIP region” (2015).


MENARES is contributing as a Moroccan local partner to a research project “MENA SELECT on energy pathways for sustainable development in MENA region” together with German, Austrian, Egyptian and Jordanian research centers and universities (2015-2016).


Preparation of an evaluation design for the project GIZ Morocco – Climate Change Adaptation (2014). Client 3ie (an WB initiative) and GIZ.


Solar resources assessment for one of the biggest CSP developers in the world (2014).


MENARES was awarded a consulting project by ACTED and WWF on “Identification, mapping and assessment of environmental organizations in Libya”, within a program financed by the European commission (2014-2015). Project on hold due to the instability in Libya.


Within GIZ support plan to the Mediterranean Solar Program: Identification and mapping of key civil society organizations active in renewable energy, climate change and low carbon development in MENA region to join a network on energy (2013-2014). Client GIZ.


MENARES contributes to a research project led by Wuppertal Institute for Energy, Climate and Environment and German Watch on sustainability of large scale CSP projects in MENA region. The overall objective of the project is to develop sustainability requirements for the large concentrated solar power projects in the MENA region – analyzing and assessing the social and environmental dimensions of two CSP projects in Ourzazate, Morocco and Komo Ombo in Egypt. (2013-2015).


Training services in Germany, Tanzania and South Africa for international consultants on sustainability.