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Our experience in renewable energies

With over 15 years of experience in the sector, we are strategic partners for major renewable projects in more than +20 countries.

Thematic focuses

Renewable energies

Renewable energy is becoming increasingly important as the world seeks to reduce its carbon emissions and move towards a more sustainable future. At MENARES, we are committed to finding better ways to power the world through our renewable energy projects. From solar and wind power to geothermal and hydropower, we explore a wide range of clean energy sources to help create a more environmentally friendly future. Our goal is to lead the way in the transition to a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable energy future for all.

Low carbon development: sustainability and sustainable development

At MENARES we are dedicated to promoting sustainability and sustainable development in all that we do, and we believe that by working together, we can create a more just and sustainable world for all. At their core, sustainability and sustainable development are about finding ways to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This requires a holistic approach that takes into account not just economic growth, but also environmental protection and social well-being.

Water-energy-food nexus

We are committed to advancing our understanding of the water-energy-food nexus and promoting integrated, sustainable solutions that can help us meet the needs of the present and future generations. The water-energy-food nexus is an important concept that recognizes the interdependencies between these critical resources. Water is essential for energy production, and energy is needed to produce and distribute food. At the same time, agriculture accounts for a significant portion of global water use, and the water-energy nexus can have significant impacts on food production.

Green hydrogen

Hydrogen is the simplest chemical element and the most abundant on the planet. It is the first in the periodic table. Hydrogen is an energy vector, which needs a chemical process to produce it. Green hydrogen is produced without generating pollutant emissions through electrochemical or thermochemical processes powered entirely by renewable energies. Green hydrogen is one of the strongest candidates for contributing to decarbonize sectors less dependent on electricity.


Consulting services

Our expertise extends throughout the entire life cycle of renewable energy facilities, providing comprehensive technical, financial, and legal support.

Research consulting

Renewable energy technologies are at the center of the global energy transition and critical to unlocking a low-carbon energy ecosystem.


Become a Leader of the Energy Transition by accessing our unique renewable energy training from industry expert trainers and professionals.

ESG and Sustainability

Solutions that cover the entire life cycle of a renewable energy facility, from design to management throughout its useful life.

We Follow Best Practices

Did you know that applying ESG criteria to your renewable project delivers multiple benefits?