Feasibility studies and due diligence

Menares offers expert consulting for renewable energy projects. Our services encompass pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, and due diligence evaluations. Our team conducts thorough analyses of projects, examining technical, financial, and environmental factors to determine viability. We ensure compliance with industry regulations and best practices, providing you with comprehensive insights to support your renewable energy projects.

Research and studies

At Menares, we're dedicated to contributing to accelerating the worldwide shift to a green economy. Our cutting-edge research focuses on green hydrogen's production, storage, and applications, alongside other key aspects of the eco-friendly transition. We explore emerging opportunities, innovative technologies, and forward-thinking policies to propel sustainable development and growth.

Environmental and social studies

Menares champions responsible development of renewable energy and infrastructure projects. We prioritize environmental and societal well-being through comprehensive impact assessments and environmental and social studies. Our team meticulously evaluates potential risks and crafts targeted mitigation strategies. This approach ensures each project positively contributes to both local communities and ecosystems, aligning progress with sustainability.

Green Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Menares champions green entrepreneurship as a catalyst for a thriving eco-economy.

Our approach includes:

We empower clients to nurture green ventures, driving economic growth in harmony with environmental stewardship.


Menares excels in assessing sustainable energy, green economy, and low-carbon development policies and programs. We leverage our expertise to:

Our insights optimize design and implementation, enhancing the impact of sustainability efforts across sectors.