Menares offer consulting and research services on:

Menares provides comprehensive consulting services for renewable energy projects, including assessments of pre-feasibility, feasibility, and due diligence. Our experts analyze the technical, financial, and environmental aspects of projects to determine their viability and ensure that they meet the necessary regulatory standards and best practices in the industry.
Our team at Menares is committed to advancing the global transition towards a green economy. We conduct cutting-edge research and studies on green hydrogen production, storage, and utilization, as well as the broader aspects of the green transition. Our work aims to identify new opportunities, technologies, and policies that will drive sustainable growth.
At Menares, we believe that every renewable energy and infrastructural project should be developed with the utmost care for the environment and society. Our team conducts thorough environmental and social impact studies to assess potential risks and propose mitigation measures, ensuring that projects contribute positively to their communities and ecosystems.
Menares specializes in evaluating the effectiveness of policies, programs, and strategies related to sustainable energy, green economy, and low carbon development. We use our expertise to identify gaps, challenges, and opportunities, providing tailored recommendations to improve the design and implementation of these initiatives.
Fostering green entrepreneurship and innovation is essential for a thriving green economy. Menares conducts studies and research to identify new opportunities and best practices for supporting green startups and businesses. We provide insights and guidance to stakeholders looking to promote environmentally-friendly technologies, products, and services.